Original Artwork by Sylvie Adams
• 2011
• 76 cm x 152 cm – 30″ x 60″
• Acrylic, spray paint, India ink on canvas •

- This artwork is available exclusively at Artêria Gallery

For me, this painting possess a great depth and a feeling of space, hence the title "Infini". This work was inspired by a moment between contemplation and action, and expresses a paradox between movement and calm both happening at the same time.

First, the duality of shade - light of the black and the white, very graphic and punctuated by drops of paint and brush strokes is softened by the presence of many shades of gray. This declination of values between black and white leads the viewer's eye to the center of the work and invites contemplation, much like when you watch a sky, fascinated by the sense of space and distance.

However, this impression is soon broken by a notion of movement, brought about by the presence of patches of intense colors that clearly define various levels. This structure gives a deep impression of perspective. The main color, used sparingly, shows several shades of a single color of red, from orange to purple. Applied transparently, these colors also bring a feeling of depth and infinity.

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