Original Artwork by Sylvie Adams
• 2011
• 76 cm x 76 cm – 30″ x 30″
• Acrylic, spray paint, India ink on canvas •

- This artwork is available at Artêria Gallery

Usually, in my paintings, I add depth with variations of values and colors.  I had started previously to introduce flat areas, but they were small, and surrounded by forms with a lot of depth.

But in this painting, I wanted to make a much stronger statement with those masses of flat colors.  I was curious to see the difference it would make, and I really liked the effect.  I liked the paradox it created with the other surfaces of the painting, the opposition not only of black and white, but of flat areas and depth of perception, where your eyes would literally stop dead at those flat masses before moving on.

I named it "Thunderhead" because when those dark clouds start rolling towards you, you have to stop everything you are doing and rush inside before the rain starts pouring down...

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