Points de mire

Points de mire


Original Artwork by Sylvie Adams
• 2016
• 122 cm x 91 cm – 48″ x 36″
• Acrylic, spray paint, India ink on canvas •

Points de mire comes from targetting - it is a metaphore for targetting goals and objectives.

This artwork is part of the Scattered Trajectories project which is a reflection and a critical review on performance in the North American culture. In this project, I want to confront the notion of a linear path, which to many people equals success, and propose a different way to view our life. Life is not a linear succession but a series of accidents, oppositions, chance encounters and sudden events. The paintings in this project are paired - with one painting showing some geometrical abstraction and the other showing only lyrical abstraction. In each painting, you will find references to trajectories, paths and life events.

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