Vice Versa

Vice Versa


Original Artwork by Sylvie Adams - stand’ART base by DeiNéri

• 2016
• Panel dimensions : 137 cm x 56 cm - 54” x 22”
• Base dimensions : 30 cm x 46 cm x 46 cm - 12" x 18" x 18"
• Acrylic, spray paint, India ink on a cast acrylic pannel
• Stand’ART base included •

A stunning work of art that enhances open-concept living spaces, enriching and adding versatility to your interior design. The innovation created by the free-standing weather-resistant (with the addition of a special varnish on the work of art) brings art off the wall and into interiors and gardens for the first time. This work of art with its special base is both a concept and a structure that embodies the spirit of the times— today and tomorrow — a modern, show-stopping solution for contemporary lifestyles. The acrylic pannel is two paintings in one. One painting was created in reverse, to be seen through the cast acrylic. On the other side is another painting, totally different then the first. Both are stunnings and both have a different personality. A special varnish, thoroughly tested for our climat has been developped by DeiNéri for outside use. The stand’ART base is a studied balance between aesthetic grace and practical design. With high quality steel modular unit and polyester-based thermoset paints, it was rigorously tested to withstand all outside environments including rain and snow.

- This artwork is available at Artêria Gallery

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