Won People's Choice Award

La traverse des cerfs-volants

La traverse des cerfs-volants


The Brush-Off Competition 2017 --

Winning the People's Choice Award, is as much, if not more satisfying than winning the 1st prize. Don't get me wrong here, 1st prize is great, it's huge, it demonstrates your mastery of your art. But a People's Choice Award is different, it's all about winning the hearts of the people who've come to the exhibition. As an artist, your work is solitary. You strive alone in your studio to translate emotions and to communicate a message. In creating a painting, you start a dialogue that is very personal. It's you and the painting. It's about your vision of the world, your emotions, your wording. Being so personal, it can be sometimes hard to grasp, often polarizing.

To win such an award is to know that my painting had an echo in the minds and the hearts of many, that it has touched and moved other persons. It has brought them, even for an instant, some emotion, some beauty. And that is the reward.

The BRUSH OFF Painting Competition & Fundraiser for Alzheimer's was brought to life after a group of passionate volunteers got together in May 2009. It was created to help bring attention to Alzheimer's disease and as a way to raise awareness and speak on behalf of those living with Alzheimer who could not do the talking. It was also a way to raise funds to help create an art based project that would help people and their care givers benefit from art while living with Alzheimer's.

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