Explorations II

Explorations II


Original Artwork by Sylvie Adams
• 2017
• 91 cm x 91 cm – 36″ x 36″
• Acrylic, spray paint, India ink on tapestry from the Queen Elizabeth Hotel •

This artwork is part of a series of five artworks created for the collective Unis Vert l’Art with artifacts recovered from renovation of the Queen Elizabeth Hotel in Montreal.

A tapestry with subtle opalescent reflections is the starting point of this work. These reflections, reminiscent of iridescent mother-of-pearl, are modified indefinitely according to the variations of light and are colored by tints and patterns that interact on the canvas.

  • This artwork is available exclusively at Unis Vert l’Art. If interested please contact Jocelyne Bellemare at jocelyne@unisvertlart.com 1-514-244-0930

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