Souvenirs de mon enfance II

Souvenirs de mon enfance II


Original Artwork by Sylvie Adams
• 2017
• 51 cm x 51 cm – 20″ x 20″
• Acrylic, silverware (Queen Elizabeth Hotel), numeric impression with archival inks, tapestry (Queen Elizabeth Hotel), hooks, silicone on wood panel •

This artwork is part of a series of five artworks created for the collective Unis Vert l’Art with artifacts recovered from renovation of the Queen Elizabeth Hotel in Montreal.

The patina, the shape and the material of simple tureen lids conjure up everlasting memories of tenderness and reassurance. Light and paint interact with the material and the shape of the lids to create in their reflections a colorful and abstract world.

  • This artwork is available exclusively at Unis Vert l’Art. If interested please contact Jocelyne Bellemare at 1-514-244-0930

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